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The Story of WE

This is the page where I blog about my creative practice development project, funded by Arts Council England. It is an exploration of dramaturgy and co-creation, how to integrate the voice of the individual artist with that of many voices – human and non human.

Social Dreaming – a shared journey through Pandemic times Thumbnail

In August the regular group of Dreamers who have been engaged in The Art of Social Dreaming, had our eighth Matrix. After our post-Matrix discussions, we decided that our ninth gathering would be a review of the consolidated content, of the matrices so far, identifying recurring, shared motifs, themes, imagery or affect; and constructing where […] Read more

Into The Woods : The Art of Virtual Social Dreaming Thumbnail

This is the second chapter of my odyssey in Social Dreaming, as a potential process for recruiting many voices, stories and creative flows towards creating a different kind of art. In February and March 2020, I hosted three sessions in association with Slung Low in Leeds to start  a journey of exploration, to discover whether, […] Read more

The Art of Social Dreaming : A Rear Mirror View Thumbnail

I’m writing this a few days after the third session of The Art of Social Dreaming which took place as part of Slung Low’s Cultural Community College at The Holbeck over three consecutive weeks in February and March. It’s also the day after the government announced its ‘advice’ to citizens – stopping short of an […] Read more

The Story of WE Thumbnail

The Story of WE is the name I have given to the development of my creative practice, supported by Arts Council England.  It’s a loose title to cover a number of approaches, some of which I’m planning, some are still to be discovered. It is an expedition of discovery in art, life and the world. […] Read more