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Welcome to my website.

tessared.closeThis website is about me and my work. As life goes on, we become more enmeshed. I work at what I love and live to be inspired by the work I do.

I’m a producer, poet, performer, theatre director. I’m Executive Director of Unlimited Theatre, Creative Director of Imove Arts, Chair of Red Ladder Theatre.

Those are the roles, the titles, the companies I’m involved with. Here you can find out some of the things that make me get out of bed in the morning. Or keep me awake at night. The paths I make with my walking.

“Tessa blends her creative insight with practical business sense to produce new work that is often surprising. Her career trajectory has had many twists and turns and along the way Tessa has gathered a fantastic and powerful network” Shreela Ghosh, Director of Arts, Asia, British Council

Latest news.

Alison and Andrews and I are developing a new show called Pampiric about pampering and women of a certain age. We’ll be sharing some work in progress material on Friday 23rd November at The Banyan Tree in Hebden Bridge. https://www.facebook.com/events/270338746954757/  

Latest blog.



Last weekend saw two marches of protest in the UK. By far the largest and most reported was the march in London for a People’s Vote on the final terms of Brexit.  ‘Hundreds of thousands’ is the reported scale, comparable with the estimated 750,000 who marched in 2003 to stop the war in Iraq, with [...]