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Belonging and Unbelonging : The Cultural Purpose of Festivals in Focus on Festivals, European Festivals Research Project January 2015
I was asked to write a thought piece about festivals and culture, which also draws on the Cultural Olympiad as a significant landmark in British arts festivals. It reflects upon the themes of misrule, community, risk and looks at recent developments in European festivals such as the programming of digital space, new departures in public space and ‘festival as movement’.

Create the Physical : Imove and the Art of Human Movement Fields of Vision : The Arts in Sport, Leisure Studies Association 2013
Fields of Vision was a conference in 2012 exploring the connections and collaborations between art and sport. The chapter I contributed to the book was based on my keynote conference presentation.
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The London 2012 Olympic Legacy and the wonder factor : implications for culture and the instrinsic versus instrumental debate Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events May 2012#
I was asked to write an article which reflected on my experiences as Creative Programmer for London 2012, on how the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad impacted on how we approach cultural programming.
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Seeing is Doing (and Believing)
‘What neuroscience can tell us about the relationship between the moving body and the watcher, and how this might in future affect the relationship between society and dance as a performed artform’
Clore Leadership Programme Research Project supervised by Professor Helen Thomas, London College of Fashion 2007

My Clore Fellowship gave me the opportunity to pursue an area of research that fascinated me, the idea of ‘Metakinesis’, how the body responds to watching movement and dance. The discovery of Mirror Neurons, discovered by neuroscientists abiout 20 years ago, revolutionised how scientists and the wider research community now connect observed and performed movement.
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photo: Paul Floyd Blake
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