PAMPIRIC : the Secret of Eternal Youth

Meet Rose and Argon. A pair of thousand year old women congratulating each other on stealing youth from the young.

They’re certainly Looking Well. They have the not-so-secret key to eternal beauty. They’re relaxed, nourished with sensory alignment and immersive wellbeing. The question is:

How do they look so good, while being so bad?

Join them to escape the stresses, the ravages of your hectic lifestyle. When you wash away the tensions, your aches and pains will disappear and anxieties will vanish in a transformative ritual of self-care. Because You’re Worth It.

Rejuvenating, luxury treatments promoted as part of the ‘grey economy’ contrast with the lack of choice available to many younger women some of whom may be vulnerable – in abusive relationships, in poverty, at worst the victims of trafficking, and who are sometimes the people delivering the treatments. Whether in pursuit of bucket lists, luxury experiences or miraculous rejuvenation, the ‘Me Time’ options for comfortably-off older women are as dizzying as an overdose of Ginseng.

Age is curable. Immortality is possible. For those who Plan Ahead.

There are tests now happening the USA where the blood of under 25’s is being harvested to regenerate the over sixties. Is the older generation literally draining the life blood from young people in pursuit of its own immortality?

Or are there other choices – trying to salvage our grandchildrens’ future, for example?

Alison Andrews and Tessa Gordziejko are ticking things off their Bucket Lists. Braving a theatrical bungee jump into the Pamper industry. We created ‘scratch’ material towards situational performances  as part of Hebden Bridge Weekend of Wonderful Women in a local beauty salon, and at Lush in Leeds. For the next stage we’ll be talking to people working in the beauty industry; older women involved in direct action and climate campaigning ; women of all ages who want to talk about what it means to get older; and young people who may feel they’re being sold down the river by the baby boomers.

Pampiric is about climate justice, modernity’s extraction history, attitudes to ageing, body image, gender and generational equality.

And lipstick.

In 2020 Rose and Argon shared their centuries of beauty wisdom for the Time of Zoom: Looking Well in Lockdown. You can watch the trailer here.

If you’d like to see the whole series – and who wouldn’t? have a look at the playlist

The following year, as they were not Looking as Well as they’d have liked (supplies were hard to come by after a year of global pandemic), so they took to the airwaves in a podcast. They’re terribly modern for a thousand years old! Have a listen

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