Welcome to my website

This website is about me and my work.  I work at what I love and live to be inspired by the work I do.

I’m an arts producer, writer, performer, theatre director, consultant. In 2021 I moved from Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, where I had lived for 30 years, to a new life in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. New adventures, networks, projects.

Some themes which inform my life and work:

  • Myths, dreams, goddesses, soil.
  • Community and culture.
  • The predicament of modernity’s destruction of environment and our responses to it – fear, grief, hope, love, humanity, rage.
  • Place and land, our human disconnections and loss, and the stories that help us reconnect with the land we live on.
  • The history of extraction – minerals, fossil fuels, land, bodies, species, culture – which has been the narrative of the global north.
  • The paths I make with my walking.

In 2020 I was supported by Arts Council England to develop my creative practice. It happened under the umbrella title The Story of We and focussed on Social Dreaming as a process for uncovering a shared unconscious towards co-creation and collective dramaturgy.  You can read about that here.

I recently joined the board of Trustees of The Stove Network in Dumfries and am passionate about arts organisations that work to create a dynamic culture around place, community and creativity.

Tessa Gordziejko
Photo: Trixxi Corish
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