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Peripheral Vision

Why On Earth Make Art About Climate Change? Thumbnail

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of appearing with the composer and pianist Lola Perrin as guest speaker for her Significantus project in Leeds. Other speakers have included scientists, journalists, artists and environmental campaigners, so I joined an august list of contributors. I was planning to perform the ‘storm’ section of my […] Read More


I’m on a ferry from Naxos to the port of Piraeus. The ship’s wake spreads behind it like a bride’s white veil as it pulls away from the pier. As we clear the headland I glimpse a dolphin fleetingly arc out of the water. Then again, a brilliant flash. Then gone. I’d arrived on the […] Read More

Boot Up the Body Talk Thumbnail

‘Clothes make the man [woman]. Naked people have little or no influence on society.’  Mark Twain I’m ten years old, in choir practice in the school hall.  In the back row because I’m a head taller than the other girls, ‘outgrowing my strength’ as they used to call it.  This means that, standing up, singing at full […] Read More

Heavenly Heights and Rock Bollocks Thumbnail

Last weekend was Heavenly in my home town of Hebden Bridge.  It was Heavenly weekend, a celebration of the 25 year-old record label whose roster includes Doves, St Etienne, The Vines, Magic Numbers, Temples,  Cherry Ghost, Stealing Sheep, to name but a few. My good friend and blogger Olivia Rosen was up for the weekend, […] Read More


There’s been this thing in recent weeks on Facebook where people nominate friends to list three positive things in their day – or things in their life they are grateful for. For five consecutive days . One of my friends issued veiled threats, via her FB status, to anyone who nominated her for this challenge, […] Read More

The best festivals for 2014 – an update […] Read More

Event: The Second Breath. Take to the streets for a mystery tour Thumbnail

A great blog about the most recent creative project I’m doing… Originally posted on Gourmet gigs: This event which will be happening for one day in May, brings together clubbing culture, circus skills, a mystery tour and climate change stories. The Second Breath is a walking mystery tour of Leeds, with dazzling circus acts and daring stunts, projections, stories and psychedelic dance music. The […] Read More

Getting My Head Round India – Part 2 Thumbnail

I’m sitting in the Doha Transfer Terminal where I have five hours to fill. It’s the ideal place to pen my second attempt to get my head round India. India is behind me, the UK not yet returned. A sort of neutral space. Limbo. So did I ? Get ? My Head? Round India ? […] Read More

Getting My Head Round India – Part One Thumbnail

I’ve been in India two weeks now. Five days to go. Time to get down some of the thoughts that have been buzzing round my head with every new, extraordinary, shocking, amusing, joyful, surprising, uplifting, unnerving experience. I can’t pretend I’ve been much exposed to the rough and tumble of India. I feel slightly embarrassed […] Read More

Slippy Stuff  : Uninspired by Sochi 2014 Thumbnail

As somebody who isn’t very interested in sport, I nonetheless get pretty excited about Olympic Games.  Against my better judgement actually, given all the corporate flannel that wraps them.  Four years ago I went with some colleagues out to Vancouver during the Winter Paralympics, and very impressive and energising it was.  Vancouver and Whistler, the […] Read More