Alison and Andrews and I are developing a new show called Pampiric.

A pair of two thousand year old women congratulate each other on stealing youth from the young. They’re certainly Looking Well. They have the not-so-secret key to eternal beauty. To staying relaxed, nourished with sensory alignment and immersive wellbeing. More than skin deep, theirs is a salubrious serenity, a radiant rapture, a validating vitality.

Join them to escape the stresses, the ravages of your hectic lifestyle. When you wash away the tensions, your aches and pains will disappear and anxieties will vanish in a transformative ritual of self-care. Because You’re Worth It.

Rejuvenating treatments are just one of the things where well-provided-for Baby Boomers can choose to spend their Grey Pound – acquired through property and pensions and supported by free university education. Whether in pursuit of bucket lists, luxury breaks, renewal or naturopathy, the ‘Me Time’ options for comfortably-off older women are as dizzying as an overdose of Ginseng.

On the other side of the room, the people providing the treatments may have fewer choices. In abusive relationships or poverty, struggling to sustain their education, the victims of trafficking or simply without hope for the future, they are giving their energy and their essence to sustain the nurturing lifestyle of the Pampires.

Alison Andrews and Tessa Gordziejko are ticking things off their Bucket Lists. Braving a theatrical bungee jump into the Pamper industry, they’re asking :

Self-empowerment for older women? Or draining the life-force from young people in pursuit of our own eternal youth?

We shared some of our material in progress at The Banyan Tree beauty therapy centre in Hebden Bridge and at Lush in Leeds. Now we’re looking at what next… watch this space!

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