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The Art of Virtual Social Dreaming

The Art of Virtual Social Dreaming Image

As part of my Creative Development project The Story of We, I’m experimenting with Social Dreaming in a number of creative contexts to explore how it might become part of a deep dramaturgical process to access collectively owned and told stories. After three successful sessions at Slung Low’s Cultural Community College, the country started to close down in response to COVID-19. The social element of Social Dreaming was no more. The experiment had been brought to a close. Or had it?  After further research and consultation, I decided to go ahead with a Social Dreaming Matrix via Zoom, and hosted the first event on 24th April, with a second event on 8th May.  With a core group off around 12 participants, the sessions are generating some interesting creative content, which we use as ‘stimulus’ prior to each session.

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