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This summer I’m busily engaged on two projects: one in my old home of Yorkshire and one in my new home of Scotland.  I’m working with the very fab Stellar Quines Theatre Company producing a tour of venues in Scotland and England of a new play by Sara Shaarawi, Sister Radio.  And I’m Creative Producer […] Read more


Rose & Argon would rather be heard and not seen just now, as they are not Looking as Well as they would like. So, following their popular video series, they are recording some podcasts about the times we find ourselves in. The latest is all about feeling the fear… or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MafY9cmT8iM […] Read more

Rose & Argon have been busy sharing their best tips for Looking Well, even when you can’t go out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SupHVKsGzzw   […] Read more

The Art of Virtual Social Dreaming Thumbnail

As part of my Creative Development project The Story of We, I’m experimenting with Social Dreaming in a number of creative contexts to explore how it might become part of a deep dramaturgical process to access collectively owned and told stories. After three successful sessions at Slung Low’s Cultural Community College, the country started to close […] Read more

In September I made a big change to my life – I cast myself into the unknown, leaving my job as Executive Director at Unlimited Theatre and setting off on a creative journey.  The Gods of Creativity must have approved of this move, because in Early October I had the news that I’d been awarded […] Read more

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing news that I had been awarded a grant under Arts Council England’s ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ programme. Having recently left my salaried post at Unlimited Theatre to pursue independent creative projects, this splendid opportunity could not have been more timely or welcomed at this stage in […] Read more

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The October Extinction Rebellion in London is in full flow October 7th to 19th 2019. I’ve published a couple of climate chaos poems on the Writing section What’s The Worst That Can Happen? Meeting The Sea photo: Lucy Cartwright […] Read more

I’ll be performing with Kwah on October 11th at No Bounds Festival in Sheffield – a live mix of material from our upcoming EP Another Breath plus the full length version of The Divided. Stories and sounds about our fragile connection with the earth and our responses to its destruction. http://noboundsfestival.co.uk/artists/tessa-gordziejko-kwah   […] Read more

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Alison and Andrews and I are developing a new show called Pampiric. A pair of two thousand year old women congratulate each other on stealing youth from the young. They’re certainly Looking Well. They have the not-so-secret key to eternal beauty. To staying relaxed, nourished with sensory alignment and immersive wellbeing. More than skin deep, theirs […] Read more

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I’m adding a new *NEWS* page to my website which will soon have all the news of projects I’m involved in […] Read more